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This is fu**ing serious!! Update: more info added
by Maryenne042, 19 hours, 19 minutes ago
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Copyed from Rott-Rott's journal(just saw Nerior's repost)
** STOLEN FROM pranktail they beat me to it!! I was meaning to post a journal today!!!
-- Hey fellow tails and fellow artists, this is important and mostly concerns us all;…
COPYRIGHTlaw is about to change
For more than a year Congress has been holding hearings for the drafting of a brand new US COPYRIGHT Act. At its heart is the return of Orphan Works
What does this mean for artists? it means it will make it easier for infringers to steal artists works and harder for people who are making or trying to make a living out of art more difficult. This will effect every artist and all the artwork they have created, are creating, and will be created. Corporates, Big businesses, and publishers want this to pass to MAKE MONEY out off artists works without paying us artists for past, current, and future artwork.
What exactly is the big change?
Right now under current law, the moment you create a piece of artwork, it's instantly protected under COPYRIGHT law with you as the copyright holder, meaning if someone infringes on your rights by creating deriverate works upon your work, or simply marketing/using it without your permission, you get to sue and claim it. You are in charge and control of what happens with your work.
With the law change your art will no longer be protected from the moment it's created; rather, you have to register each and every work individually with PROFIT organisations to make your rights legitimate.
Sucks big time, right? First of all ain't nobody got time for this and secondly, my work is mine, and should be acknowledged as such always.
This law opens doors and gates for CORPORATIONS to leech off our work without paying us anything. This law change does not have the benefits of the individual artists in mind, it only cares for corporations to make quick and easy bucks off our works.
So please, look into this, spring to action, and SHARE IT, so more people can learn about it!
It's not the first time that they tried to wiggle this law through, it's time to oppose and stop it again and claim our rights as they are! --
Even if you don't draw, maybe you write, take photos ANYTHING THAT IS ART. Post this and spread this like wildfire. We only have until thursday to get the word out and speak against this bullshit act!! Don't let congress take away our hard work and God given talents for their selfish reasons!!!
This part is from: NinjaKato's journal

There is much valuable information in the information section below the video that I suggest people read as well.
It's a long video, but well worth watching (or listening to) to get to understand what is going to happen and what has been happening in the realm of US laws and artist's rights over the years.

We're all concerned about how dA is handling the whole issue of COPYRIGHT infringement and 'art theft' -- However, there's a much bigger problem coming along, and it's coming soon (By July 23rd, 2015!!).

COPYRIGHTlaw in the US is going to be changed unless YOU, the artists of the nation, open up and write to your COPYRIGHT office and tell them otherwise!

Many are calling it the 'Return of the Orphan Works Act' but in reality it's a reform on COPYRIGHT law so that is included digital media. Unfortunately the clauses the US COPYRIGHT Office are trying to enact are going to cause devastating results in the digital media economy.
Meaning, if you thought selling your work now is hard, it's about to get a whole lot harder -- People will soon be able to nab your 'personalized pieces for people' and sell copies or produce copies easily with little to no lawful repercussions.

This isn't a scare tactic and it is NOT FAKE. This is really happening and because we've been so concerned with dA's bullshit, we are completely ignoring this!
Please, write to the US Copyright Office! Show your dissent for such changes to the laws. The Copyright Laws should be there to HELP artists, digital and all, not cheat us out of our work and profits!

No petitions, no tomfoolery, and no amount of whining will change this -- People NEED to write to the Copyright Office! There is no getting around it. Unless enough people write to them, nothing will be done and the bill and laws will reform and be passed and US artists will wind up paying dearly.
NOW is the time for your voices to be heard! Take the opportunity -- I know it's boring and somewhat ridiculously tedious, but this is no joke, this is your rights on the line. Rights you may not even know you had/have as a working artist. Protect those rights and defend your occupation.

This is where you can post your letter to the copyright office:…

A link to a Tumblr artist with more information as well:…

Here's is another journal with TONS of information to view as well as more insight in the matter:

The Future of Every Artist's Copyright Is At Risk!
Foreword: There was some confusion as to the authenticity of this legislation, but Brollonks brought it to my attention that this is indeed real, and provided links to the official government website that back this up.
However we do not need to be afraid! As Homophones has brought to my attention, the "legislation" is actually just a "note of inquiry". That means that it is a hearing where comments and opinions are invited, but no rules have as yet been proposed. There is no bill yet... this is only one of multiple preliminary moves required by law before a bill can start to go through Congress.
We are OKAY for now! Nothing will change yet, but it is still important to be vigilant and aware of such matters, as they could easily progress and become worse if we do nothing to stop them.

To view updates to the journal, please scr

give it a read!

Yes, you are welcome to share this journal with as many people as you can!
Time IS running out... Help get the just and fair copyright reform you deserve out of the US government before they take advantage of your rights.

PS: YOU CAN send a letter even if you are not a US citizen, read this comment for more information --…

NEW: ** For those wondering, yes, this WILL have an effect on people who do not live in the US as art tends to get circulated a lot online these days (even if we don't want it to) via sharing and reposts. Also, things that happen in the US tend to (regrettably) have an effect on countries world wide.


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